My name is Rossmery Zayas I created this blog at 18 years old. I am passionate about fighting for environmental and social justice in my community- Southeast Los Angeles. I created this blog in order to make sure that our stories are being told. My community and surrounding communities are in the belly of the beast. Although I do not have the money or a seat in making political decisions regarding my home, what I do have is my voice (and the voices of those in my communidad). I know I will not change the world, but what I do know is that I can change my world.

Where I come from, you must choose between your health or jobs. Where I come from, people are more worried about putting food on the table than the toxic battery recycler contaminating their homes. Where I come from, having asthma, respiratory problems, or other health conditions is typical. Where I come from, having dirty air, water and soil is so normalized, people stop complaining.

I have moved away from home, traveled to different states, and even across the globe. However, I always find myself back in Southeast Los Angeles. I love my community. Most people want to get out while they can, but I want to provide people the comfort to stay.

I want people to read this blog to become more informed about the injustices my community is facing. I want people to know OUR stories, not the ones told by those who are disconnected from our hoods. I want to echo the voice of my community.


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